Our Careteam

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Kerensa Richards
Veterinary Assistant, Out-Patient Nurse
Kerensa is our newest addition here at Alpine View Veterinary Hospital but she has been working in the veterinary field for over six years. Kerensa loves everything about being a Veterinary Assistant and working in the Veterinary industry. She has experience working in both small and large animals as well as exotics. Kerensa says that her favorite part of her job "is making animals feel comfortable, safe, and even relaxed while they are visiting Alpine View Veterinary Hospital!"

Kerensa loves spending her free time with her partner Marcus and their two dogs “Cassie and Dakota” and their cat “Mr. Kitty.” In the summer since the entire family has a great love for spending time outdoors they enjoy sharing much of their time camping and hiking in and around the great PNW.
Erin Janois
LVT, Veterinary Dental Hygienist / In-Patient Nurse
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Theo Erickson
Client Relations Representative & Hospital Attendant / Animal Caregiver
Owen Black
Hospital Attendant-Patient Care Giver
Owen is our most recent team member added here at Alpine View Veterinary Hospital. However, although Owen is new to caring for animals here at Alpine View he has spent his entire life working with and caring for animals, from dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, crabs, and gerbils to Macaws, Cows, and ducks. Owen says that he "absolutely loves how Alpine View goes above and beyond to give so much personal attention to each and every client and patient we see...no matter what they're visiting the hospital for!" Owen loves taking care of all of our hospitalized and boarded patients and looks forward to enjoying a long future working here at Alpine View Veterinary Hospital!
In Owen spare time he loves spending time with his two dogs "Gus and Lucy" and whatever insect pet(s) he has at the time. He also has a interest and a sincere talent doing digital art and enjoys exploring local natural environments in the PNW. Owen came into Alpine View hoping to gain veterinary experience with long term goal of eventually going into zoo keeping but has since fallen in love with veterinary medicine and instead plans to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician as soon as possible.
Catherine Simbe
LVT, Client Relations Representative
Catherine was an integral part of our Alpine View family as a Licensed Veterinary Technician nearly six years ago! Fortunately for Alpine View Veterinary Hospital after taking some time off to focus solely on raising her two school age children Catherine has returned to our amazing team here at Alpine View. On coming back to Alpine Catherine states that "we have such a wonderful, hardworking, supportive, caring, and friendly team here at Alpine View so coming back was really just like coming home!" Originally Catherine was cross trained to work in both the front office as a Client Relations Representative and in the back as an Licenced Veterinary Technician so it made her transition back into her new now full time role as a Client Relation Representative an easy one. Catherine LOVES working with our clients as much as working with all of our furry friends and she is always a warm and welcoming face at the front desk.

In Catherine's spare time she enjoys spending quality family time with her son Elliott, daughter Char as well as her husband Jim. She enjoys working out and going to local live music performances!
Chelsey Brick
LVT, Out-Patient Nurse
Chelsey joined our team in the summer of 2021. She graduated from Pima Medical Institute in 2013 and went on to earn her Veterinary Technician License. Chelsey has had an unwavering love for all animals since early childhood and always wanted to work in the veterinary field. When the opportunity arose to enroll in Veterinary Technician classes, she jumped at the chance and was able to fulfill a lifelong goal. Chelsey is truly passionate about preventative healthcare so all pets can live their best lives. Patient comfort and client communication are both extremely important to her.

Chelsey was born and raised here in the beautiful Puget Sound region. She lives in Monroe with her husband Mike, their two human children Lou and Quintin, their canine children “Juneau” (German Shepherd/Husky) and “Pixie” (Pug/Chihuahua) and their two domestic shorthair cat children “Ink and Stripes”. In her spare time, Chelsey and her family enjoy hiking, camping and going to Renaissance and Medieval Fairs where the whole family dresses up (even the dogs).
Christina Van Pelt
Hospital Attendant-Patient Care Giver
Christina has been working here at Alpine View Veterinary Hospital since the summer of 2019. She came to us right out of the Sno-Isle Veterinary Assistant program while she was still a senior in high school. Christina has known since a very young age that she wanted to be in veterinary field and states that she “LOVES getting to work here at Alpine View!”

Christina plans to return to school in the near future to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. In Christina’s free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends and likes to crochet and cross stitch. Christina is unable to have pets at home due to allergies so she gets in all of her animal snuggles and cuddles while here at work at Alpine View
Tiffany Prince
Veterinary Assistant, In-Patient Nurse
Tiffany has been an absolute asset to our team here at Alpine View since she started with us back in December 2019. Tiffany received here Sno-Isle Veterinary Assistant certificate in 2012 and has been working in the Veterinary field ever since. Tiffanys says that "she truly loves getting to care for all of our fur babies and enjoys getting to know each and every one of our patients unique personalities!" Tiffany loves veterinary medicine, caring for animals in general, and she specifically LOVES that Alpine View really focuses on trying to help our patients be as comfortable as possible while visiting Alpine View. Whether it's through extra love, care, attention or through the medical side of things by providing the most up to date pain management protocols in order to ensure our pets comfort while here at Alpine View. Tiffany has a sincere interest in animal rehabilitation and physical therapy and is so happy that we are able to provide laser therapy to all of our surgical, aging, or arthritic patients.

In Tiffanys spare time she enjoys spending time with her partner Neal, there two dogs "Buddy & Mojo," and their three kitties. They enjoy going on walks, hiking, and spending time with their loved ones, family, and friends!
Amanda Lind
Client Service Representative
Amanda is one of our newest additions to our team here at Alpine View. Amanda is a Client Relations Representative, she started with us back in Sept 2019. Amanda has lived in Monroe her whole life and absolutely loves this area! She came to us with experience working in a specialty clinic and has done amazingly well fitting into her new role here at Alpine View.

Amanda shares her home with many exotic pets. She LOVES reptiles, snakes, and even spiders. She has three cats and a Pit Lab Mix “Ecko.” Amanda is currently in school with the plans to eventually become a Veterinarian herself. She hopes to specialize in Ophthalmology, a sincere interest of Amanda’s. In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, reading, & watching TV. Amanda loves working in the Veterinary field and is excited to continue her career here at Alpine View and in the Veterinary field in general.
Ashley Chapman
Client Service Representative & Lead Boarding Facilitator
Ashley started here with us at Alpine View in May 2018. Ashley came to us with years of experience working the veterinary field and is now on her 15th year in this career. Ashley says she “knew from a very young age that she wanted to work with animals!” Ashley, her husband, and their three wonderful children live in Gold Bar! They share their new home with their two Pit Bull Terriers, Nereus and Neaveh and their two cats Meki & Meli.

Ashley says she loves her job so much that coming to work is one of the things that she does for fun???? Ashley loves assisting our clients and taking care of all of our boarded and hospitalized patients! In her actual spare time Ashley and her family enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, playing board games, ad spending time outside together as a family.
Sierra Ohm
Certified Veterinary Assistant, Out-Patient Nurse
Sierra Ostlund is a Certified Veterinary Assistant and Out Patient Nurse here at Alpine View Veterinary Hospital. She attended Pima Medical Institute in Seattle for her Veterinary Assistant Certification. Due to her love for animals she decided to continue her studies at Pima in order to attempt to move on and become a Licensed Veterinary Technician in the future. Sierra came to Alpine View as a student intern from school and we decided to hire her right away. She was amazing with all of our patients, eager to learn, and always willing to help wherever and whenever possible! Sierra has been part of our Alpine View family for over 4 yrs.

Sierra has lived in Lake Stevens her whole life. She has three pets of her own, a 7yr old Australian Shepard “Lacie,” a kitty “Bailey,” and a 13yr old cat “Tiger.” In Sierra’s spare time she enjoys camping with her family and her dog in Eastern WA where a lot of her family and extended family reside. She also enjoys snowboarding, spending time in the mountains, and loves trying new foods!

Sierra loves taking care of all animals and has enjoyed working at Alpine View for the past few years and states that “she is excited to continue a long career in the Veterinary field, more specifically here at Alpine View!”
Kelly Meier
Lead-Client Relations Representative
Kelly has been working for Alpine View since October of 2007, she has been part of our Alpine View family for over 133 yrs and we are so lucky to have her as part of our team. She has filled such an important role as a Client Relations Representative that she has since been promoted to Team Lead-Client Relations Representative. She and her family have been long time clients at Alpine View, so beginning her employment was an easy transition for her. Kelly grew up in the Monroe area and currently lives in Lake Stevens with her significant other Matthew and their cats "Roast Beef, Petunia, and Jack."

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys crocheting, spending time with friends, hiking, camping, making people laugh. Kelly states that she “feels honored to work for Alpine View. Every day is a new experience and I have learned so much over the past ten years. Working with animals is something that I always wanted to do, so getting the opportunity to do so has been an awesome experience. I'm looking forward to continuing my long term career in the Veterinary field with Alpine View”.
Taunia McDonald
CVA, Hospital Manager
Taunia is originally from Calgary, Canada and has been with Alpine View since graduating from PIMA Medical Institute in 2000. Hard to believe that she has been part of the Alpine View family for over 20 years. From a very young age, Taunia knew without a doubt that she wanted to spend her life working with and for animals. Originally, as a Technician at Alpine View, she had a specific interest in veterinary dentistry and surgical assisting, and simply loved knowing that she helped make a difference in the lives of the patients treated at Alpine View. In 2002, however, Taunia transitioned into her current role as Hospital Administrator. Although her role has changed, the one thing that remains the same and is Taunia’s sincere love for animals and her desire to ensure that they are receiving the absolute best veterinary care available.

As Taunia says, “We are their voice, therefore, it’s our job to make sure they are as healthy, happy, and comfortable as possible both during and after their visit to Alpine View!” Taunia and her husband Bryce live in Kenmore with their 2 children, Dorian and Araylia, and their extremely spoiled and loved Rottweiler, Alkaia, as well as their feisty cat, PITA. In her spare time, Taunia enjoys spending time with her family and dog, traveling, snowboarding, all water sports, and working on updating their family home.
Jenny Magruder
LVT, In-Patient Nurse
Jenny came to Alpine View with over 10 years of experience in the veterinary field and has now been with us for over 14 years. She attended Pierce College in 1999 to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. In addition to her hands-on knowledge, Jenny has a sweet personality with a kind heart. Jenny started at Alpine View during the summer 2006 due to relocation and we’re fortunate to have her here. Jenny and her husband enjoy staying busy by caring for their 3 children, Justin, Trevor, and Gloria, as well as their 3 dogs, 2 cats, 4 birds and 2 fish. She currently only works Saturdays, however, she is an important part of our overall operation of the back lab, and we are happy to have her as part of our team.
Jennifer Field
Client Relations Representative
Jennifer started here at Alpine View in February 2008, she has been part of our Alpine View family for over 12 years. Jennifer knew she wanted to work at Alpine View due to her sincere love for animals. Jennifer lives in Monroe with her husband Mike their two big Rottweiler's "Parker and Harper", and their very well loved kitty "Autumn."

In Jennifer’s spare time, she likes to spend time with her Mike, go for walks with their dogs , attend local markets and festivals, and travel especially to Disneyland! Jennifer says, “I love animals and working with them gives me great pleasure. I am thankful to Alpine View for allowing me to spend my time in a career that I sincerely enjoy. Furthermore, if it wasn't for working at Alpine View I would have never met  my husband Mike.”
Cassandra Zornes
Lead LVT, In-Patient Nurse
Cassandra has been at Alpine View since October 2010, she has been part of our Alpine View family for over 10 yrs. She began as a Client Relations Representative and soon thereafter started working in the back as Veterinary Assistant. She realized very quickly that she had discovered her passion and wanted to advance her knowledge and education in the veterinary field. She immediately started training and studying to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician and successfully passed her LVT exam. She has proved to be an essential asset to our team. Cassandra has a soft sport for our furry patients, has the ability to multi-task, loves a challenge, enjoys staying busy, and is an extremely quick learner. She excelled in high school and attended Ocean Research College Academy at Everett Community College, where she obtained her associates degree, all while she was still in high school.

When she is not keeping busy with all of us at Alpine View, she enjoys spending time with her significant other Kyle, their lab Barrett, and their mischievous Boston Terrier Sweet Pea. She enjoys photography, hiking, and loves the outdoors.