Laser Therapy

Do you have a pet that seems to be in pain? Try improving the quality of your pet’s life with laser therapy. Laser therapy can be used to treat pain, inflammatory diseases/arthritis, wound/surgical healing, assist in rehabilitation, promote nerve regeneration, and treat acute musculoskeletal trauma.

So what is laser therapy? In simplest of terms, laser therapy is the application of a coherent light. The laser light consists of multiple light waves in which all the waves support one another. It is a non-invasive way to treat and manage pain, inflammation, and speed up the healing process.

So how does laser therapy work? The laser beam stimulates the cells and tissue. It also reduces inflammation so that healing can begin. By reducing inflammation, the laser is also a great tool for helping to minimize the pain of many chronic conditions like arthritis. We have seen some truly amazing results with many of the patients at Alpine View that have been undergoing laser therapy treatment here with us.

Please be sure to ask our staff today about a FREE laser therapy treatment for your pet!

Drug-Free. Surgery-Free. Pain-Free. Relief!