Full Service Boarding

Alpine View is proud to be able to offer full service boarding to all of our deserving patients! We have many pets who vacation with us frequently at Alpine View, and our team is always happy to see them. More importantly, we know that the pets are just as happy to see us as we are them! We provide all the space, playtime, love, care and attention that your pet needs while away from home.

The benefit of boarding your pet at a veterinary hospital is the fact that we are experienced with medicating, caring for, and treating pets that require a little extra compassion and attention. We also know what to look for in case your pet is feeling a little under the weather while you are away. In cases such as this, you’ll want to feel comfortable knowing your animal companion is certainly in the right place for receiving the appropriate treatment.

We offer multiple meal and treat times, as well as clean and comfortable accommodations, including the use stainless steel dishes for all of our visitors. Dogs receive 4 FREE walks/outdoor potty breaks a day in our fully fenced outdoor play area with our experienced Animal Care Technician. Cats that are here for an extended vacation get time to romp and play or just to stretch out and relax in our extra kitty room. Our furry visitors will also be entertained with stereo music 24hrs a day.

We do recommend that you bring your pet’s regular food with you to avoid tummy upset from a sudden diet change during their stay, but if you happen to forget, not to worry! We feed ProPlan EN, a special enteritis food, which is a highly palatable yet easily digestible food.

Please note: For your pet’s safety and for the safety of other pets vacationing at Alpine View, all pets must be current on all vaccines including: distemper, parvo, rabies and bordetella for dogs and distemper, parvo, feline leukemia and rabies for cats. Vaccines should ideally be administered four weeks in advance.

Again, we walk all boarded dogs 4 times a day, for which there is no charge. If you request an additional supervised play session with your dog in our outdoor play area there will be an additional fee of $5 per session.

If any of our pet guests have fleas, they will automatically be treated at the owner’s expense with Trifexis, an oral intestinal parasite and flea treatment. Tours of our hospital and boarding facility can be scheduled by calling (360) 794-6662 or by emailing us [email protected]

We look forward to hosting your furry friend’s vacation at our facility soon!