Spring Allergies and Your Pet

Spring Allergies and Your Pet

With spring quickly approaching it’s important to remember that both our cats and our dogs are susceptible to the same airborne allergens as we are (such as pollen, grasses, mold, and trees). Unfortunately, our pets do in-fact experience some of the same symptoms that we do such as watery itchy eyes, runny nose, itchiness and skin irritation, and coughing or sneezing. More severe allergies can even create serious skin issues usually caused by secondary infections of bacteria or yeast which ultimately leads to intense and often unbearable itchiness which causes excessive scratching, chewing, and licking, sometimes even hot spots, and fur loss are a result of allergies.

What should one do if your pet is experiencing any of the symptoms above? 

  • First, check your pet for any visible fleas, those nasty pests are a common cause of skin irritation and scratching and unfortuntaly fleas are an issue year round west of the mountains as it doesn’t get cold or hot enough to kill them (remember 1 adult female flea lays up to 50 eggs per day so you if you find even one flea on your pet you want to start treatment right away). Alpine View Veterinary Hospital carries the most current and effective flea treatments on the market, please call us if you have questions about our top recommendations for flea, tick, and internal parasite treatments (please note we do not recommend using flea shampoos or flea collars if you do happen to find fleas on your pet).
  • Second, please call Alpine View Vet Clinic and ask to schedule a Physical Examination to discuss a potential seasonal/environmental or food allergy.
  • Third, and prior to your pet’s appointment please make note of any changes in your pets grooming supplies, food, bedding, or environment. If you are new to the Snohomish, Monroe, or Pacific NW it’s important to know that different locations have different allergens and the move alone and the change in your pets environment can be the culprit, but we are here to help! Our veterinarians here at Alpine View are always accepting new patients and clients:-)  
  • Fourth, if you feel like it’s a “contact“ allergy a bath using a mild pet shampoo with anti-itch properties or an oatmeal shampoo is probably fine until your appointment with our veterinarians (please remember visiting your vet first is the most important step for helping your pet feel better sooner and please hold off on bathing your pet if they have any open sores or hot spots). It’s important to note that bathing alone will surely not solve the underlying problem your pet is currently experiencing.

Email us at [email protected] or call us at 360-794-6662 if you think your pet may suffer from a seasonal or food allergy so that together we can prepare the appropriate treatment plan to make sure your pet is healthy, happy, and comfortable year round.

Sincerely, Taunia and all your friends from Alpine View

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