Exciting Pet Story From Your Vet!!!

Exciting Pet Story From Your Vet!!!

Meet Lucy and her pups! Lucy is a long term patient at Alpine View Veterinary Hospital here in the Monroe / Snohomish area, and as you can see from the photographs below Lucy is an adorable and sweet little female Beagle. Lucy recently came to Alpine View for an emergency C-section. The brave girl successfully delivered two pups on her own at home with the help of her loving owners but was unable to deliver her remaining two puppies.

Lucky for Lucy, her owners both knew that it had been too long between puppies and brought her in to see Dr. Paul DeMaris, her veterinarian here at Alpine View Vet Clinic. After her initial physical exam Dr DeMaris thought there were two pups remaining in Lucy’s abdomen. After a quick X-ray we confirmed that Dr. DeMaris was correct and there were two pups remaining in the uterus and that Lucy had to have an emergency C-section right away for the safety and wellbeing of both her and her puppies.

Our experienced veterinary care team immediately rushed Lucy into our fully equipped surgery suite and prepped her for surgery! After a very short time Dr. DeMaris had delivered the remaining two pups.  Surgery went perfectly and after the immediate “recovery care” required for all C-section patients (provided by our experienced technicians while the veterinarian finishes up with the surgery itself) the puppies were fine, healthy, and happy.  They were recovered, warmed up, and placed back with their mom shortly after she recovered from the anesthesia. Lucy was actually able to return home that same day with her pups. Other than some slight restrictions with activity at home, and some antibiotics to take to decrease the risk of infection Lucy was back to her old self…only now with four healthy and active pups to care forJ

Although, C-sections are always a little scary for our pet owners we do see a fair amount of them here at Alpine View, if and when we have patients with prolonged pushing with no results a C-section is the safest way to ensure that the patient and the puppies or kittens arrive safety. Thanks to the extremely experienced and loving staff from Alpine View we are fortunate to have been able to have delivered dozens of puppies and kittens safety via C-section.

Remember if you or someone you know has a dog or a cat that’s expecting, you can always call the friendly staff at Alpine View at 360-794-6662 to get information on what to expect during labor as the delivery date for your pet approaches.



Taunia, and all your friends from Alpine View  

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