This sweet girl is Molly, a 7 yr. old French Bulldog owned by one of our staff members here at Alpine View. Molly was seen today by her veterinarian her at Alpine View Veterinary Hospital for an eye exam. Molly was experiencing both discharge and redness in her “right” eye. At the time of her last visit poor Molly was actually diagnosed with an ulcer in her “left” eye that has since been treated, medicated, and has healed completely. Luckily for Molly Dr. Schultz was quickly able to rule out another ulcer in this eye, this issue was presenting more along the lines of a condition known as “Dry eye,” which is just the inadequate production of tears to moisturize the eye.

Dr Schultz performed a test called a Schirmer tear test which can check the amount of tears being produced by each of the pet’s eyes. The test results proved that Molly did in fact have “Dry eye.” Thankfully, however, “Dry eye” is a condition that can simply and easily be treated by using Opptimune eye ointment. Molly’s eye is expected to make a full recovery :-)

If any of your furry friends are experiencing any eye issues please do not hesitate to call your Monroe / Snohomish Vet here at Alpine View Vet Clinic at 360-794-6662.


Catherine, Taunia, & all your friends from Alpine View

molly and cat

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