A Happy Pet Story for your Friday from All Your Friends at Alpine View…

A Happy Pet Story for your Friday from All Your Friends at Alpine View…

Meet “Tiny” an adorable and totally sweet 8yr old male Yorki. Tiny was found by one of our good clients and brought into Alpine View as he was in obvious need of medical care and attention. Upon initial exam Tiny appeared to be an emaciated, unneutered male, with a serious skin condition, and extremely severe dental disease. Our caring team at Alpine View took Tiny in immediately and started on what ended up being a long list of medical treatments and surgeries in order to ensure that little Tiny was able to go on to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

First, we knew we needed to treat his skin condition by bathing, shaving, and grooming his affected and infected skin areas and also by doing the appropriate tests to help determine what the underlying cause was for all of his skin issues. He was immediately put on antibiotics and treated for fleas and he quickly started looking better.

Next we ran a full blood panel and scheduled him for a complete professional dental cleaning knowing that he was in need of serious dental care and oral surgery (dental extractions). Once Tiny’s mouth was treated and cared for he was able to eat a lot easier and thus started putting on some much needed body weight.

Next Tiny underwent surgery for his neuter, with clinic owner Dr Paul DeMaris. Both surgery and recovery went well, however this wasn’t the last surgery for Tiny. It ended up being Tiny had bladder stones and was in immediate need of an emergency surgery to remove his bladder stones. Again Dr DeMaris performed the surgery on this little trooper and again surgery went well. All of the bladder stones were removed and sent off to the lab for analysis.

During his stay and between his surgeries his health and spirits continued to improve. One of our team members started taking Tiny home as soon as he was healthy enough to leave the hospital and she instantly fell in love with him and put in her request to adopt him. Of course this request was approved and the entire team at Alpine View was happy to have Tiny stay close to our veterinary hospital for all his future veterinary care needs! We are thrilled to have had our experience and our time to care for Tiny over the past couple of months and we are all so happy to know that Tiny is in good hands and living a very happy and enjoyable life with his new loving family!

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