Reminder, June is National Pet Microchip Awareness Month!

Reminder, June is National Pet Microchip Awareness Month!

In honor of this Alpine View is offering a special on our HomeAgain Pet ID chips. If you schedule your furry friend for an ID chip during the month of June you will receive $5.00 OFFthe regular ID chip price!

Remember HOMEAGAIN-is a lost pets best chance of finding his or her way home! It’s a fact, the simple greatest threat to a pet’s life is getting lost! Ten million pets get lost every yr, and without identification, 90% of them return home. But HomeAgain is rewriting these statistics with advanced microchipping technology and comprehensive pet recovery services that HAVE FOUND MORE THAT ONE MILLION PETS TO DATE, and with your help they can find even more! Information above provided on HomeAgain’s website, please feel free to visit for more details!

Call us today at 360-794-6662 to schedule your family member for a discounted pet ID chip today!


Taunia and all your friends from Alpine View

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